GUI-based Python code generator

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Release NoteVisual Python 2.5.0

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Released on 27 September, 2023 

# General changes

1. Run type changes

    - Last clicked run type will be the default run type

# Enhancements

1. Edited SMOTE option

    - SMOTE to ETC category on DatePrep app

    - Add more option to SMOTE

2. Added multi-extensions for FileNavigation

    - Including .tsv support

    - Including pyarrow, parquet

3. Added To datetime function to Frame app

4. Edited Import app with saving data

# Bug Fix

1. Fixed MultiSelector bug

2. Added esc shortcut to FileNavigation

3. Added scrollbar area to Seaborn's left box

# Preparing migration (for notebook 7.x and lab 4.x)

1. No version updater for lab

2. Fixed widget loop bug

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