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Release NoteVisual Python 2.2.2

Visual Python
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Released on May 24, 2022

What's New

WordCloud App on Visualization

The new visualization app using WordCloud library is added. Now you can make wordcloud more easily.

Data Selector

You can use minimized version of Subset App by clicking filter icon.
This new component has added on Seaborn and WordCloud App.

Bug Fixes & Improvements


Seaborn App loads and saves its values more clearly.
Countplot is added on Seaborn App.
Fixed some spell mistakes on Seaborn App.

New operators for adding conditions on Subset

You can use 'contains', 'not contains', 'startswith', 'endswith' on Subset App.

# contains

df1.loc[(df['manufacturer'].str.contains('aud')), :]

# not contains

df1.loc[(~df['manufacturer'].str.contains('aud')), :]

# startswith

df1.loc[(df['manufacturer'].str.startswith('aud')), :]

# endswith

df1.loc[(~df['manufacturer'].str.endswith('aud')), :]

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