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Release NoteVisual Python 1.1.0

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Released on May 5, 2021

What's New

Visual Python on GitHub :

It took a whole year to finally make it public, and we are very excited to have the opportunity to meet with all types of open source contributors from all over the world. 

We hope many people - students, business analysts, etc. - may find this tool useful !

It's just the beginning, and we'll continue to develop to provide better data science solution for everyone. Any ideas and contribution to the project are always welcome. Please reach out to us at email : 

Bug Fixes & Improvements

1. Removed 'Node' blocks.

2. Logic Menu Improvements 

- Deleted 'Import' block. (The same block is on Library > Common)

- Fixed : bugs found in def & class blocks

3. UI Updates 

- To Add blocks :

  1) Click any block you want to create. After setting the options, press the 'Apply' button.

  2) Drag any block directly to the board.  

- To check and Apply changes : 

  1) If any changes are made, an orange dot will show at the top of the option window.

  2) Save changes with activated(orange) 'Apply' button.

- To Run / Duplicate / Delete blocks :

  Use Right-click menu

4. Keyboard shortcuts for Message Boxes

- Enter : Press the default button (Black outlined button).

- ESC : Cancels out of message boxes.

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